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Education is a critical right. It helps to break the cycle of poverty, giving children the chance to learn and play, to develop healthy relationships and inquiring minds, to connect with their communities and to learn about their rights in every area of their lives. But not all children are going to school. Children with disabilities are ten times less likely to attend school compared to children without disabilities. 

Kapri, 11, from Makeni in Sierra Leone, has polio and attends a school supported by Plan International.  When he finishes school, he wants to be President and build houses and schools for people with disabilities so they can become educated like him. Plan International runs a disability inclusion programme in his school  and believes that inclusion is essential for all children to be able to participate, learn and contribute.  
Inklusion: Seht uns, hört uns, unterstützt uns! von Janina Schümann

Geschätzt 93 Millionen Kinder weltweit leben mit mittleren bis schweren Behinderungen. Sowohl physische als auch politische und institutionelle Barrieren sowie die Einstellung der Gesellschaft verhindern die volle Teilhabe von Kindern mit Behinderungen. Mit der Folge, dass sie an Armut, Ausgrenzung und Diskriminierung leiden! Bei Kindern mit Behinderungen ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass sie die Schule besuchen …