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âMy name is Success. I am 18 years old and Iâm part of Plan International Sierra Leoneâs Youth Advisory Panel in Moyamba. Before the Ebola crisis I was living a very happy life. But because of Ebola I lost my uncle who was paying for my education to become a medical doctor. I was studying hard and was very determined. But he is not here anymore and I donât have anyone who can pay my school fees.

I want to be somebody in the future, you see. At times I feel stigmatized, like in school with my friends. If I advise them: âPlease girls, have respect for your womanhood because in the future people will respect you and listen to you.â They tell me this is false and that I should just leave them. But I believe, if there is life there is hope. Things will get easier. I still have that courage and determination. I know that one day my star will shine.â  
Eines Tages wird mein Stern leuchten von Janina Schümann

„Mein Name ist Success, ich bin 18 Jahre alt und Teil des internationalen Jugendberatungsausschusses (Youth Advisory Panels) von Plan in Moyamba, Sierra Leone. Bevor Ebola ausbrach, lebte ich ein sehr glückliches und erfülltes Leben. Doch durch Ebola verlor ich meinen Onkel, der meine Ausbildung zur Ärztin für mich bezahlte. Ich lernte sehr viel und war …